Re: [PATCH v2] ARM: OMAP3: gpmc: add BCH ecc api and modes

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Hi Tony,
Thanks for the review,

On Wed, Apr 25, 2012 at 06:03:14PM +0100, Tony Lindgren wrote:
> >  #define GPMC_ECC1_RESULT        0x200
> > +#define GPMC_ECC_BCH_RESULT_0   0x240
> Can you please add a comment here saying something like:
> #define GPMC_ECC_BCH_RESULT_0   0x240	/* Not available on omap2 */

OK sure.

> > +	/* check if ecc module is in use */
> > +	if (gpmc_ecc_used != -EINVAL)
> > +		return -EINVAL;
> > +	/*
> > +	 * FIXME: some OMAP3 revisions have a hardware bug which prevents
> > +	 * the 4-bit BCH mode from working properly. Such revisions could be
> > +	 * detected and rejected here.
> > +	 */
> This should then be disabled to avoid corruption. Maybe only allow it
> initially on omaps that have been tested? And for omap2 it should return
> error  for sure.

OK I'll add a check.

> Or do you know the broken omap3 versions?

Well, I was hoping that someone from linux-omap could tell me :)
I found this HW ECC feature table in

         1b     4b      8b
OMAP35x  YES    NO      YES
AM35x    YES    YES     YES
AM/DM37x YES    YES     YES

and other wiki pages confirmed that 4-bit mode is not supported on all OMAP35xx chips.
OTOH, I know from TI support that 4-bit mode is at least supported on
OMAP3630 ES1.x (x >= 1).

So, a conservative approach would be to reject 4-bit mode on all chips but
omap3630 with rev >= 1.1. Other revisions/chips could be added later if they are
confirmed to work; what do you think ?

> Also, should you first request this feature in case multiple drivers
> need to share it?

According to TI documentation (OMAP36xx ES1.x TRM, §10.1.4, GPMC functional diagram),
the GPMC ECC engines (Hamming and BCH) are dedicated to NAND access only; therefore
I believe the mtd driver is the only potential user of this feature.
Also, the existing Hamming ecc API does not perform any request; or did I miss
something? If I need to perform the request, is there an existing api to do so?

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