Re: AM3517 boot failure

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On Thu, 2012-04-19 at 10:57 +0300, Igor Grinberg wrote: 
> On 04/19/12 05:07, Paul Walmsley wrote:
> > Is anyone else seeing this?
> I've tried various configurations and can confirm this hang.
> I still haven't got my hands on bisecting this.
> There is nothing special about CM-T3517,
> IMO this can be seen on any AM35xx based board with EMAC, or am I mistaken?
> Anyway, can anybody try nfsroot on other AM35xx based board with EMAC supported?

I have a board with the AM3505 and NFS root works fine here. I'm using
3.4-rc3, Mark A. Greer's patch series on this list (2012-04-11) and Paul
Walmsley's fixes-for-v3.4-rc3 tag. A possible difference is that I'm
using the fixed PHY driver.

Best regards,
Jan Lübbe
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