Re: [PATCH-V3 0/3] ARM: OMAP: Make OMAP clocksource source selection runtime

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On Friday 13 April 2012 03:09 PM, Vaibhav Hiremath wrote:
> Current OMAP code supports couple of clocksource options based
> on compilation flag (CONFIG_OMAP_32K_TIMER). The 32KHz sync-timer
> and a gptimer which can run on 32KHz or system clock (e.g 38.4 MHz)
> This patch series cleans up the existing 32k-sync timer implementation
> without any major code changes, uses kernel parameter to override
> the default clocksource of "counter_32k", also in order to support
> some OMAP based derivative SoCs like AM33XX which doesn't have
> 32K sync-timer hardware IP, adds hwmod lookup for omap2+
> devices, and if lookup fails then fall back to gp-timer.
> if(use_gptimer_clksrc == true)
> 	gptimer clocksource init;
> else if (counter_32 init == false)
> 	/* Fallback to gptimer */
> 	gptimer clocksource init(;
> With this, we should be able to support multi-omap boot
> including devices with/without 32k-sync timer.
> This patch-series has been boot tested on AM37xEVM platform, it
> would be helpful if somebody help me to validate it on OMAP1/2
> platforms.
> History:
> ========
> Changes from V2:
>         - Added early_param support to read clocksource selection
> 	  from user through kernel parameter ("clocksource=")
> 	- Converted to ocp_if changes from Paul
> Changes from V1:
>         - Based on Tony's comment, added pbase & size argument to
> 	  omap_init_clocksource_32k(), to avoid cpu_is_xxx() check.
> 	- Added commit description based on discussion on list
>           (Thanks to Santosh here)
> 	- Reorder patch sequence
> Vaibhav Hiremath (3):
>   ARM: OMAP2/3: Add idle_st bits for ST_32KSYNC timer to prcm-common
>     header
>   ARM: OMAP2/3: hwmod data: Add 32k-sync timer data to hwmod database
>   ARM: OMAP: Make OMAP clocksource source selection using kernel param
This versions of series seems to fine with me.
Feel free to add,
Reviewed-by: Santosh Shilimkar <santosh.shilimkar@xxxxxx>


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