RE: OMAP3EVM not booting on l-o master

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On Wed, 4 Apr 2012, Mohammed, Afzal wrote:

> Reverting merge commit
> 58adb29 Merge branch 'io_chain_devel_3.4' of git:// into prm
> makes OMAP3EVM boot.
> Bisecting into this merge could not be done as build was breaking
> for most of the individual commits in the merge (except when
> HEAD is the last commit of the merge, as below).

I just rebased this series on top of v3.4-rc1 and built each patch in it 
successfully, so it sounds like there's some bisection-specific build 

As far as the crashes go, I don't think I have an OMAP3EVM, but I'll take 
a look here on the OMAP35xx boards that I do have.

Could you try booting with initcall_debug and posting the boot log?

- Paul
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