OMAP TWL4030/TPS65950 power off

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In one of the older Kernels, there was a twl4030-poweroff driver that
provided a hook to shutdown the OMAP when the "poweroff" or "shutdown
-h now" command was issued in Linux. This also put the
TWL4030/TPS65950 into it's power on state awaiting a press of the
power button. My most recent experience with this functionality
working is with a 2.6.32 Kernel.

I'm trying to get this functionality going with a 3.1.10 Kernel. I've
brought over the same twl4030-poweroff driver, but now the system just
crashes during shutdown as opposed to nice going down.

The file 'drivers/mfd/twl4030-power.c' does define the
PWR_P1_SW_EVENTS and PWR_DEVOFF bit, but the PWR_DEVOFF bit is never
used to turn the system off, why is it even defined and what is the
right way of turning of the system now?

-- Ashwin
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