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On Fri, 2012-03-30 at 14:02 +0200, Cousson, Benoit wrote:
> On 3/30/2012 1:59 PM, Tomi Valkeinen wrote:
> > On Fri, 2012-03-30 at 16:50 +0530, Shilimkar, Santosh wrote:
> >
> >> Exactly. That's what I mean. You tweak sysconfig or clockdomain,
> >> both are messy.
> >>
> >> if one need to choose between two bad options, I guess sysconifig
> >> one is better because that is local to IPs and there is some way today
> >> for drivers to manage sysconfig directly.
> >
> > If the driver touches sysconfig, isn't it possible that hwmod/something
> > just reverts the changes? I mean, sysconfig register is supposedly
> > "owned" by the arch code, and if the driver modifies it there could be a
> > race condition.
> No because we had to expose API from hwmod core code to do that already 
> because of various HW bugs.
> So you will not access it directly but through the hwmod API.

Ah. What functions would be needed to solve this case?

> The only issue is that these API are exposed today through pdata 
> function pointers, and thus this is not usable in a DT case :-(

That's ok (for now), we will anyway have this "omapdss" higer level
driver, which is not HW driver (i.e. not mentioned in the DT data), but
created in arch/arm code. I have put all the current function pointers
there already, so I can add a few more.


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