High Speed devices on OTG port in Host mode with OMAP4460 ES 1.0

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Hello All,

I am working with a custom hardware platform based on OMAP4460
(ES1.0).  The Linux kernel that I have used with the platform is
L27.G.3 release from git.omapzoom.org

Hardware Setup:

* The OTG port of the OMAP4460 is interfaced to a High Speed USB Hub.
* It is also interfaced to a Mini-AB connector (with a mux in hardware
that enables selection between the two).
* The objective is to use the OTG port of the OMAP4460 in Host mode
and get the High speed hub working.


* I am unable to get the High Speed USB Hub to detect and work with
the OTG Port in Host mode.
* This is also the case when I connect an external, Self powered High
Speed USB hub using the Mini-AB connector.

Tests Run:

When I connect an external Self powered Full Speed Hub to the OTG port
(through the Mini-AB connector) the OMAP4460 is able to detect the hub
and enumerate it.  On connecting USB flash drives to the USB Hub,
Linux detects insertion, enumerates the USB flash drives and mounts

I have also connected the external, Self powered High Speed hub to the
OTG port of the OMAP4430 Pandaboard, with the OTG port configured in
Host mode.  This works fine, OMAP4430 detects, enumerates and mounts
the USB Flash drives connected to the High speed Hub.  The kernel used
on the OMAP4430 Pandaboard is the same (L27.G.3 from git.omapzoom.org)

Has the OTG port on the OMAP4460 been tested in host mode with a High
Speed device?
How do I force the OTG port when configured in host mode to work in
Full speed mode?

Thank you for your time.

Warm regards,
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