Re: [RFC] numactl doesn't work as expected with --phycpubind II

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Cliff Wickman wrote:

You are using version 1.0.3 I assume.  We have 1.0.3-rc1 and 1.0.3-rc2
on the download page (
I suggest you send me the final form of your patch and I add it and post
the source as 1.0.3.   Sound reasonable?

I am using still older version of numactl, it is 0.9.6. numactl code base 1.0.3 has call to move_page system call and this will cause problems that I have mentioned in previous mail

+    cpu_set_t mask;
+    if( numa_sched_getaffinity(0, sizeof(cpu_set_t), &mask) < 0 ){
+        perror("numa_sched_getaffinity:");
> Ah noticed another problem. Please don't rely on the glibc cpuset_t,
> there's no guarantee it's big enough.

> In fact libnuma.c already has code for this in set_numa_max_cpu().
> Please reuse that. Just make sure you don't create a backdoor
> interface into libnuma.

Andi suggested to used the existing functions to get through the problem, suggested to use 'set_numa_max_cpu', its equivalent in 0.9.6 version is 'number_of_configured_cpus'. On using this in util.c to get the maximum cpu number solves the problem.

But I was not convinced with the solution, It returns total number of bytes in cpu mask (bit array) this is not what is expected logically. So what I am trying to get is - even the latest code doesn't have any equivalent function which does the work of sysconf(_SC_NPROCESSORS_CONF) correctly. Hence we may have to keep the implementation to return the maximum cpu active, may be pushing it into libnuma.c
 Please let me know your thoughts

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