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Re: mount & fsck of nilfs partition fail.

On Mon, 13 Jun 2011 00:13:17 -0700, Zahid Chowdhury wrote:
> Hello,
>   We had another crash with nilfs2 under load and then on reboot mount failed as usual on
>     "Checksum error in segment payload"
> Leter when we tried an "fsck0.nilfs2 -v -f" on the partition we got:
> .
> .
> .
> Unclean FS.
> The latest log is lost. Trying rollback recovery..
> .
> Searching the latest checkpoint.
> fsck0.nilfs2: cannot read block (blocknr = 2696911)
> and fsck0.nilfs2 gave up. Is there any other way of recovering this partition? If so, how?

Seems an I/O error or some sort of critical error happened.

I pushed a commit to append error reason in the above message.
Could you try it ?  (it's available on the fsck0 branch of the devel tree).

> Is this problem common? Is there any way to stop this scenario from occurring? Thanks.
> Zahid

Ryusuke Konishi
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