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Regarding ``problem with nilfs_cleanerd - part 2'' and ``Nilfs_cleanerd err=-17''


I had same problems as bryce and Åukasz WÃjcicki described earlier:

[41045.664120] nilfs_ioctl_move_inode_block: conflicting node buffer: ino=79, cno=6, offset=0, blocknr=206010, vblocknr=94783
[41045.664129] NILFS: GC failed during preparation: cannot read source blocks: err=-17
and nilfs_cleanerd dies.

First round of digging indicates this can be reproduced by running two
nilfs_cleanerd instances at the same time.
I'm not sure if that was the original cause, but I'm going to investingate a bit more;
please hint me at what to pay attention to, if you would.

dexen deVries

``One can't proceed from the informal to the formal by formal means.''
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