Re: [PATCH 1/7] NFS: Rename nfs4_proc_get_root()

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On 04/30/2012 03:07 PM, Jim Rees wrote:

> bjschuma@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>   From: Bryan Schumaker <bjschuma@xxxxxxxxxx>
>   This function is really getting the root filehandle and not the root
>   dentry of the filesystem.  I also removed the rpc_ops lookup from
>   nfs4_get_rootfh() under the assumption that if we reach this function
>   then we already know we are using NFS v4.
> And when NFSv5 comes out?

Well, this function is called "nfs4_get_rootfh()".  nfs5_get_rootfh() will probably be something different and also not need an rpc op...

- Bryan
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