Re: [PATCH RFC] vfs: make fstatat retry on ESTALE errors from getattr call

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Jeff Layton wrote:

   	error = user_path_at(dfd, filename, lookup_flags, &path);
   	if (error)
   		goto out;
   	error = vfs_getattr(path.mnt, path.dentry, stat);
  +	should_retry = error == -ESTALE ? retry_estale(path.dentry) : false;
  +	if (should_retry) {
  +		lookup_flags |= LOOKUP_REVAL;
  +		goto retry;
  +	}
   	return error;

This is starting to look like FORTRAN.  Maybe turn this into a "do while"?
Then you could make the "goto out" into a break and get rid of them both.
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