Re: Another try at LNFS?

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On 04/05/2012 13:15, Myklebust, Trond wrote:
On Thu, 2012-04-05 at 13:02 -0400, David Quigley wrote:
Now that we're past the 3.4 merge window should I post the LNFS
modifications for review for when 3.5 rolls around?

The sooner the better. It looks as if there will be quite a bit of stuff
going into 3.5, so it would be nice to maximise our testing window.


I have a mostly working copy for 3.2 which I can forward port but I'm having an issue with it. The revalidate code changed at some point and just to get things working I dropped a piece of code from the patch set that I couldn't figure out how to transition to the new revalidate code. Unfortunately this is the initial get of the security label so the security label is invalid until the first cache invalidation. Any suggestions on where to place this code? I can give you the original code snippet when I get home that I dropped.

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