Re: where can I ask user qns about nfs4?

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I have a related question, and like the OP I was reluctant to ask here as it's not a dev question, but I can't find any other suitable forum.

Has ANYBODY got kerberised NFS working where the KDC is Active Directory on a Windows 2008 R2 system? With 2008 R2, DES encryption for Kerberos is no longer enabled.

Our AD admins are understandably not keen to go against the recommended behaviour and enable DES just for this service (it needs to be enabled globally across the domain).

I can't find any documentation about Kerberised NFS that looks more recent than about 2006. That coupled with what I can see in the sources suggest that there's little development in this area, so I suspect the answer is that nobody has managed what I'm trying to do.

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