[PATCH 0/5] more test on current stateid processing

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This is the result of testing my changes in linux:

$ ./testserver.py  --maketree currentstateid

CSID1    st_current_stateid.testOpenAndClose                      : PASS
CSID2    st_current_stateid.testLockLockU                         : PASS
CSID3    st_current_stateid.testOpenWriteClose                    : PASS
CSID4    st_current_stateid.testLockWriteLocku                    : PASS
CSID5    st_current_stateid.testOpenPutrootfhClose                : PASS
CSID6    st_current_stateid.testCloseNoStateid                    : PASS
CSID7    st_current_stateid.testOpenLayoutGet                     : FAILURE
           OP_LAYOUTGET should return NFS4_OK, instead got
CSID8    st_current_stateid.testOpenSetattr                       : PASS
CSID9    st_current_stateid.testOpenFreestateidClose              : PA


Tigran Mkrtchyan (5):
  client: move current stateid test into a dedicated module
  client: test current stateid processing on PUTROOTFH
  client: test current stateid processing with OPEN+LAYOUTGET in a
    single compound
  client: test current stateid processing with OPEN and SETATTR
  client: test OPEN+FREE_STETEID+CLOSE in a single compound

 nfs4.1/server41tests/__init__.py           |    1 +
 nfs4.1/server41tests/st_current_stateid.py |  161 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 nfs4.1/server41tests/st_open.py            |   76 -------------
 3 files changed, 162 insertions(+), 76 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 nfs4.1/server41tests/st_current_stateid.py


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