Re: linux-next: manual merge of the kvm-ppc tree with the powerpc tree

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Hi Alex,

On Thu, 12 Jul 2012 07:56:46 +0200 Alexander Graf <agraf@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 12.07.2012, at 05:57, Stephen Rothwell wrote:
> > Today's linux-next merge of the kvm-ppc tree got a conflict in
> > arch/powerpc/kvm/booke_interrupts.S between commit c75df6f96c59
> > ("powerpc: Fix usage of register macros getting ready for %r0 change")
> > from the powerpc tree and commit fc372c0843b8 ("booke: Added crit/mc
> > exception handler for e500v2") from the kvm-ppc tree.
> > 
> > I fixed it up (see below - could do with checking) and can carry the fix
> > as necessary.
> Hrm. Ben already warned me that this will happen, so I did a test merge a few days ago. Back then I also had to change 2 other bits that were not conflicting, to get to code to actually compile.
> Could you please do an s/VCPU_GPR(r/VCPU_GPR/R/g in arch/powerpc/kvm/booke_interrupts.S? I'd check if you actually need it myself, but the tree doesn't seem to be pushed out yet :).

Thanks for the response.   I checked and I think I got them all.  The
tree should be available as soon as the mirroring gets done.

Stephen Rothwell                    sfr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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