linux-next: breakage on undefined reference to `nfsd4_cld_block'

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Hi all,

The linux-next tree got about ten new failures today, spanning all arch.
They all shared this in common, it seems.

ERROR: "nfsd4_cld_block" [fs/nfsd/nfsd.ko] undefined!
make[2]: *** [__modpost] Error 1

I chose alpha (since it was the 1st I saw alphabetically) and did a bisect,
and it came up with the below commit.  I've also included the bisect log.

Can someone please take a look at this?  Too late to fix for the Thursday
build, but Friday might be the last for 3.4 content and it would be nice to
have all these builds green again in that one.


commit 813fd320c16691eac508fe350b4ee7362c6c4a56
Author: Jeff Layton <jlayton@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date:   Wed Mar 21 09:52:08 2012 -0400

    nfsd: add notifier to handle mount/unmount of rpc_pipefs sb

    In the event that rpc_pipefs isn't mounted when nfsd starts, we
    must register a notifier to handle creating the dentry once it
    is mounted, and to remove the dentry on unmount.

    Signed-off-by: Jeff Layton <jlayton@xxxxxxxxxx>
    Signed-off-by: J. Bruce Fields <bfields@xxxxxxxxxx>

git bisect start
# good: [c16fa4f2ad19908a47c63d8fa436a1178438c7e7] Linux 3.3
git bisect good c16fa4f2ad19908a47c63d8fa436a1178438c7e7
# bad: [7734592ef4a5d14bba15cf2df7fcac8c39d6bdb4] Add linux-next
specific files for 20120328
git bisect bad 7734592ef4a5d14bba15cf2df7fcac8c39d6bdb4
# good: [50953e0640b3473dcb409d5d0d938c2742c93b0d] Merge branch 'poll'
into staging/for_v3.4
git bisect good 50953e0640b3473dcb409d5d0d938c2742c93b0d
# bad: [ecc717668be52fe7b3b29e922b96700067767f05] Merge
remote-tracking branch 'l2-mtd/master'
git bisect bad ecc717668be52fe7b3b29e922b96700067767f05
# good: [d0f6867abfb505b191e31a87dbcdeed65241243a] Merge
remote-tracking branch 'arm/for-next'
git bisect good d0f6867abfb505b191e31a87dbcdeed65241243a
# bad: [2dddaf865e0c13448518abbabd0ad462a7a2d3dd] Merge
remote-tracking branch 'kbuild/for-next'
git bisect bad 2dddaf865e0c13448518abbabd0ad462a7a2d3dd
# bad: [7be8f9ff0749f5d8a0a508b071c206cb68decf04] Merge
remote-tracking branch 'nfsd/nfsd-next'
git bisect bad 7be8f9ff0749f5d8a0a508b071c206cb68decf04
# good: [5537f6f1d690270d388987d543de2cc1e7be40e6] Merge
remote-tracking branch 'ceph/master'
git bisect good 5537f6f1d690270d388987d543de2cc1e7be40e6
# good: [9d547c35799a4ddd235f1565cec2fff6c9263504] vfs: remove unused
superblock helpers
git bisect good 9d547c35799a4ddd235f1565cec2fff6c9263504
# bad: [cc27e0d407021a278d08c1952f5af4ab38c49eda] nfsd: don't allow
legacy client tracker init for anything but init_net
git bisect bad cc27e0d407021a278d08c1952f5af4ab38c49eda
# good: [1255a8f36cb16a02540bdad91c0bc0971b9fb429] nfsd4: don't set
cl_firststate on first reclaim in 4.1 case
git bisect good 1255a8f36cb16a02540bdad91c0bc0971b9fb429
# good: [62b9510cb373d5722fdaba71d961d8f695acfcd5] nfsd: merge cookie
collision fixes from ext4 tree
git bisect good 62b9510cb373d5722fdaba71d961d8f695acfcd5
# good: [2a4317c55438d8589a015d42912454ede12031f0] nfsd: add
nfsd4_client_tracking_ops struct and a way to set it
git bisect good 2a4317c55438d8589a015d42912454ede12031f0
# good: [0ab628d856a63d63b47307b09851d1e955c706ac] nfsd: add a header
describing upcall to nfsdcld
git bisect good 0ab628d856a63d63b47307b09851d1e955c706ac
# bad: [813fd320c16691eac508fe350b4ee7362c6c4a56] nfsd: add notifier
to handle mount/unmount of rpc_pipefs sb
git bisect bad 813fd320c16691eac508fe350b4ee7362c6c4a56
# good: [f3f8014862d813cca81a597c83bd1dbf0fb2b8f6] nfsd: add the
infrastructure to handle the cld upcall
git bisect good f3f8014862d813cca81a597c83bd1dbf0fb2b8f6
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