Re: [PATCH] ata: Don't use NO_IRQ in pata_of_platform driver

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On Fri, Dec 2, 2011 at 11:26 AM, Dave Martin <dave.martin@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> This is now broken on ARM where, for good or bad, NO_IRQ currently is
> used and is -1.
> How do we resolve it?  If we are ready to eliminate NO_IRQ from
> drivers/of/irq.c (or indeed, all code that uses it) and just use 0 for
> that case, we should surely just do it... but I'm not confident I can
> judge on that.

Just stop using NO_IRQ. First in drivers/of/irq.c, then in any drivers
as you notice breakage.

Don't *change* NO_IRQ to zero (that whole #define is broken - leave it
around as a marker of brokenness), just start removing it from all the
ARM drivers that use the OF infrastructure. Which is presumably not
all that many yet.

So whenever you find breakage, the fix now is to just remove NO_IRQ
tests, and replace them with "!irq".

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