Re: [PATCH -next] ia64/sn: fix percpu warnings

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Luck, Tony wrote:
>> WARNING: "per_cpu____sn_cnodeid_to_nasid" [drivers/misc/sgi-xp/xpc.ko] has no CRC!
> Note that this warning goes away if I fix the mismatch declaration so
> that we have:
> DECLARE_PER_CPU(short, __sn_cnodeide_to_nasid[MAX_COMPACT_NODES]);
> in arch.h
> and
> DEFINE_PER_CPU(short, __sn_cnodeide_to_nasid[MAX_COMPACT_NODES]);
> in setup.c

Umm... the correct correct declaration and definition would be

DECLARE_PER_CPU(short [MAX_COMPACT_NODES], __sn_cnodeide_to_nasid);


DEFINE_PER_CPU(short [MAX_COMPACT_NODES], __sn_cnodeide_to_nasid);

So that the first part contains full type.  Doing it the other way
might cause problems if the __weak trick is turned on.


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