generic_make_request - callback does not work

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Hi all!

I have the next code of driver:

void my_end_request(struct bio* child, int error)
  my_private_t*    private = child->bi_private;
  complete((struct completion*)private->completion);

int my_submit_request
    my_handle_t*   handle,
    int             rw,
    int             mode,
    struct bio*     bio,
    void*           user_private_data,
    bio_end_io_t*   user_callback
  struct bio*       child     = NULL;
  my_private_t*    private   = NULL;
  my_registry_t*   registry  = NULL;
  int               direction = -1;

  registry = handle->registry;

  direction = bio_data_dir(bio);

  child = bio_clone(bio, GFP_NOIO);

  private = my_private_get(registry->my_cache_private); // here we get
a structure, that contains some of our data

  child->bi_end_io = (bio_end_io_t*)my_end_request; // set the callback

  child->bi_bdev = handle->bdev; // reading will be doing from this device

  private->completion = &completion;

  private->parent = bio;
  private->user_private_data = user_private_data;
  private->user_callback = user_callback;
  private->mode = mode;
  private->handle = handle;
  child->bi_private = private;

  wait_for_completion(&completion); // waiting to complete the reading

  // yet another code


I'm trying to redirect requests (only read) to another device. In a
function my_submit_request I'm call the bio_clone and then
And also I'm call wait_for_completion (& completion) for waiting for
the reading. The callback function should work when the reading will
be completed.
The problem is, no callback call, and wait_for_completion does not
return control.
What am I doing wrong?
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