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Kevyn-Alexandre Paré  <kevyn.alexandre.pare@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Just before I send my patch I got this error with:
> ./scripts/ --terse --file
> 0001-Staging-comedi-driver-fix-coding-style.patch
> 0001-Staging-comedi-driver-fix-coding-style.patch:27: ERROR: trailing whitespace
> 0001-Staging-comedi-driver-fix-coding-style.patch:35: ERROR: trailing whitespace
> 0001-Staging-comedi-driver-fix-coding-style.patch:43: ERROR: trailing whitespace
> 0001-Staging-comedi-driver-fix-coding-style.patch:53: ERROR: trailing whitespace
> I have done a step by step explanation of what I have done:
> It seem to me that the whitespace are added after I do this command:
> git format-patch -s -n master..mybranch

"The whitespace are added after..." sounds to me that what you committed
were checkpatch compliant, and format-patch somehow broke it.  If that is
the case we need to fix format-patch.

Please check if "git show $commit" output for the commit that corresponds
to the "[Staging] comedi driver: fix coding style" patch has trailing
whitespaces.  That is what you committed.

If there already is whitespace breakage in what you committed, then we do
not have to blame format-patch and look for bugs in it to fix.

Otherwise, please send 0001-*.patch (output from format-patch) and output
from that "git show $commit" as separate attachments, so that we can debug
and fix format-patch.

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