Re: How to get control over Power LED

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Tekale Sharad-FHJN78 (FHJN78@xxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> Hi ,
> How can I get control over Power LED?
> My requirement is I can be able to control Power LED by using /proc file
> system.
> If I set value in /proc/sys/led /power to 1, then PowerLED should glow, 
> where as if I set it to 0, PowerLED should turn off.
> Can some one provide me either some link which talks about how to
> implement 
> or , point to some piece of code for implementing the behavior,  or some
> brief idea towards achieving  the behavior.


I think drivers/leds is a good starting point.
I have seen some implementation of this kind of stuff in OpenWRT
project (about adm5120).



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