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I found one header file for x86 that implement the TLB flushing -
include/asm-x86/tlbflush.h (the different implementation are used are
used because of the diff generation of x86:

static inline void __native_flush_tlb(void)

(my questions:   WHAT IS THE DIFF BETWEEN FLUSH VIA flush_tlb() above
vs flush_tlb_global() below?)

static inline void __native_flush_tlb_global(void)
	unsigned long cr4 = read_cr4();

	/* clear PGE */
	write_cr4(cr4 & ~X86_CR4_PGE);
	/* write old PGE again and flush TLBs */

(question:   what is this single - does it flush only ONE SINGLE ENTRY
IN THE TLB that map this particular addr value?)

static inline void __native_flush_tlb_single(unsigned long addr)
	__asm__ __volatile__("invlpg (%0)" ::"r" (addr) : "memory");
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