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On 4/24/07, Rick Brown <rick.brown.3@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > NPTL on 2.4?
> this can be done only if you backport the features from 2.6 that were
> added in order to make NPTL possible ... redhat has done this, but
> really it's just a waste of time ... 2.4 is dead :P

Could you hint upon the kernel features required for NPTL? May be a link?

i couldnt really guess.  your only safe bet is to go get a redhat
kernel.  i think it's a waste either way, but that's me.

> > pthreads on 2.6?
> i really have no idea what you mean by this ... "pthreads" is short
> for "POSIX threads" and there's no such thing as "pthreads" with
> respect to a specific code base.  NPTL is one implementation of the
> POSIX threads specification while LinuxThreads is another.

Sorry ... I meant LinuxThreads.

linuxthreads works fine on 2.6 ... linux has forward binary
compatibility, thus things that work in 2.4 (like linuxthreads)
continue to work in 2.6
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