Re: Why is Linux not RTOS?

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sandeep lahane wrote:
> On 4/5/07, Raseel Bhagat <raseelbhagat@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi Sandeep,
>> On 4/5/07, sandeep lahane <sandeep.lahane@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> >They have a paravirtualization based approach using which
>> > guest OSes like RTOS or other rich OSes can be run simultaneously on
>> > an embedded platform. These guest OSes can communicate using inter OS
>> > communication mechanisms. They are partitioning resources which can be
>> > partitioned like system RAM and resources like CPU, MMU and interrupt
>> > controller are virtualized since they can't be partitioned. So
>> > basically, what they are doing is almost totally irrelevant with this
>> > question, since they are not trying to make Linux a RTOS, rather they
>> > are making Linux and other guest OSes co-exist with RTOSes
>> > simultaneously. Please CMIIW.
>> >
>> I completely concur with you. And it makes lot of sense too.
>> For example RTLinux (Real time Linux) from FSMLabs is another such
>> approach.
>> They have a micro-kernel , which is basically a core real tie\me
>> kernel, which sits on top of the vanilla linux kernel. This way, all
>> the real time tasks are handled by the Microkernel during whcih time
>> Linux kernel runs as an idle process. Only when no RT tasks are
>> present, the vanilla Linux kernel executes all the non-RT tasks.
>> This way, RT behaviour is accomplished without having to modify the
>> core Linux kernel.
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> Yes, may be the poster is looking for RTLinux kind of thing.

The vanilla Linux kernel can and is already being used in RT environments.
A dual processor box when configured properly can provide a very
deterministic env for a properly written RT application. The trick is to
realize that the 'box' must be dedicated to that application and that application

With Ingos work in progress at
that is becoming of less importance however.

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