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I am trying to write a script to organize/sort my music collection. All of my music is arranged as Artist/Album folders with tracks within them, and most of these names have spaces (if not other strange characters). The script I am trying to get working needs to get all filenames in a specified directory so that I can process each file at a time. I am trying to do this as:


for directory in "$@"; do
  if [[ -d "$directory" ]]; then
    for f in `find $directory -iname '*mp3' `; do
      echo "found mp3 file: $f"

Obviously, $f is getting word-split at each space encountered in $directory as well as in the filename. How can I set bash to give me an array/variable that I loop over for each file found only, irrespective of spaces without using sed to replace the spaces with _ etc.?

I did think of -print0, but could not get to loop over each file and I prefer not to use ls. What are my options with bash, or is it just better to get this written with Perl?



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