Re: Why should we teach students Linux??

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On 03-05, Roel Bindels wrote:
> Jarmo schreef:
> > 
> > ...
> >> knows a link/document about why we should educate our students in the
> >> Linux OS, please send it. Or article about the usage of Linux in
> >> company's.
> > 
> > To know your enemy?
> please, ....'strong case' ....;)

	Watching the interesting replies I can only add that education is
about teaching individuals to THINK... Some Linux distributions do that; M$
never has and never will.. (I must admit though; that M$ encourages honing
our cuss words.. :^)..

	Best of luck.


                 Hal        GNU/Linux - Slackware 10.2, 2.4.31
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