Disabling rp_filter (martians) for IPsec packets only

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The reverse path filter tends not to place nicely with IPsec tunnels:

- if the default route is on eth0, say, and the link to the IPsec peer is on eth1, routes to the tunneled subnets need to be added on eth1 or the rp_filter will fire when tunneled packets are decrypted. These routes are not required by the IPsec policy engine; their only purpose is to satisfy the rp_filter.

- if the route to the peer is sometimes on eth0 and sometimes on eth1 depending on dynamic routing, the rp_filter can't be used at all unless routes to the tunneled subnets are also shared dynamically. Again, these routes serve no purpose other than to satisfy the rp_filter.

I believe the rp_filter has a lot of merit for unsecured connections. For traffic where IPsec policies apply, IPsec supplies a much stronger verification than rp_filter.

Would it make sense for the rp_filter to be skipped for packets that pass IPsec verification? I don't know how this would be implemented; I'm just wondering if there's a good reason not to do it.

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