Re: TCP_SYNCOOKIES - Negative impact(s) when enabled?

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Pascal Hambourg a écrit :
> === ChangeLog-2.6.26 ===
> commit 4dfc2817025965a2fc78a18c50f540736a6b5c24
> Author: Florian Westphal <fw@xxxxxxxxx>
> Date:   Thu Apr 10 03:12:40 2008 -0700
>     [Syncookies]: Add support for TCP options via timestamps.
>     Allow the use of SACK and window scaling when syncookies are used
>     and the client supports tcp timestamps. Options are encoded into
>     the timestamp sent in the syn-ack and restored from the timestamp
>     echo when the ack is received.
> (side note : the feature was broken in 2.6.27 and restored in 2.6.28)

As the 2.6.27.x stable serie is still maintained, it may be worth
mentionning that the fix was also backported to
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