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On Fri, 2010-07-23 at 16:58 -0500, Bob Tracy wrote:
> Concur on your experience with the Realtek adapters.  Starting to
> concur
> with your opinion on the Davicom adapters.  HOWEVER, there *is* a
> driver
> for the Davicom chip, so it should either be fixed or go bye-bye if
> the
> hardware is so bad that there's no way to compensate for its
> deficiencies in the driver.

Not all drivers are in a finished state.  Years ago I bought a
Mutli-Tech USB modem to work with a system running 2.4.X.  I believe it
might have been 2.4.24.  The problem was that the driver and tty were
only partially implemented.  The driver worked well with the modem but
did not support "cooked" mode.  It was all raw.  Made it worthless when
dialing into the device using Minicom :)  I half-a$$ed a work around for
the device in the driver and it partially worked but was susceptible to
panics :)

The modem is a very nice modem and you can pick them up on eBay for <

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