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On Fri, 28 May 2010 08:53:11 +0530
ratheesh k <ratheesh.ksz@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> hi ,
> I was looking into 2.6.18 kernel . I can see two functions
> fn_trie_lookup , fn_hash_lookup
> ipv4/fib_trie.c:	tb->tb_lookup = fn_trie_lookup;
> ipv4/fib_hash.c:	tb->tb_lookup = fn_hash_lookup;
> What is the differnce between these two functions ?

They are the two possible FIB algorithms configurable.


	prompt "Choose IP: FIB lookup algorithm (choose FIB_HASH if unsure)"
	default ASK_IP_FIB_HASH

	bool "FIB_HASH"
	  Current FIB is very proven and good enough for most users.

config IP_FIB_TRIE
	bool "FIB_TRIE"
	  Use new experimental LC-trie as FIB lookup algorithm.
	  This improves lookup performance if you have a large
	  number of routes.

	  LC-trie is a longest matching prefix lookup algorithm which
	  performs better than FIB_HASH for large routing tables.
	  But, it consumes more memory and is more complex.

	  LC-trie is described in:

	  IP-address lookup using LC-tries. Stefan Nilsson and Gunnar Karlsson
	  IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 17(6):1083-1092,
	  June 1999

	  An experimental study of compression methods for dynamic tries
	  Stefan Nilsson and Matti Tikkanen. Algorithmica, 33(1):19-33, 2002.

Also see Documentation/networking/fib_trie.txt

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