Re: NetFlow / sFlow / IPFIX network probe proposal

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On Thursday 2010-04-01 16:55, Patrick McHardy wrote:
>Holger Eitzenberger wrote:
>> On Thu, Apr 01, 2010 at 04:33:10PM +0200, Patrick McHardy wrote:
>>>>> Some bits and pieces may be missing on the kernel side if you need to
>>>>> classify your flows though.  E. g. some IPFIX Aggregrators require the
>>>>> DSCP value for that.
>>> Adding DSCP doesn't work since we don't distinguish connections
>>> by that.
>> That patch would be easy, but I was unsure at that time whether DSCP was a
>> "flow characteristic" enough, especially as you have something like the
>> Netfilter DSCP target to modify it, and that possibly be done not from
>> the very start of a flow.
>We certainly can't add it to the conntrack tuple, so I'm not sure
>how that patch would work. But I'll gladly review it in case someone
>takes a stab at this :)

 -j CT --save-tos

*patsch* *patsch* *autsch* ;)
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