Re: slow tcp on 100mbps wan, strange tcp window behaviour on ubuntu 9.10

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Andres Meyer writes:

If I understand you correctly here, then the client does not send any acks?

Thanks for the answer. The client does send acks, and it does it
absolutely correctly, in my opinion. This is why I was not researching
any more on the client. If you want to, you can look at the dump
mentioned with wireshark or tcptrace. There is absolutely nothing
special, apart from the fact that the server just does not send as many
packets as he should to fill the tcp window advertised from the client.

I see. I couldn't see anything wrong in your dump, althoug I have to say I'm probably not proficient enough in interpreting tcpdump output to see whether or not something is amiss.

Can you get the expected throughput with other applications apart from iperf? E.g. will scp or ftp give you more throughput or are those connections problematic as well?



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