About TCP Westwood implementation

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I think that the current Westwood algorithm implemented in the Linux kernel
(since 2.6.13) is not same with one described in its original paper.
In the Linux implementation, Westwood uses 'tcp_reno_ssthresh' function as a
'ssthresh' interface as below codes.

static struct tcp_congestion_ops tcp_westwood = {
	.init		= tcp_westwood_init,
	.ssthresh	= tcp_reno_ssthresh,
	.cong_avoid	= tcp_reno_cong_avoid,
	.min_cwnd	= tcp_westwood_bw_rttmin,
	.cwnd_event	= tcp_westwood_event,
	.get_info	= tcp_westwood_info,
	.pkts_acked	= tcp_westwood_pkts_acked,

	.owner		= THIS_MODULE,
	.name		= "westwood"

But, Westwood basically sets its ssthresh value based on bandwidth
estimation, not by cwnd/2 as Reno does.
In this case, Linux-Westwood would call 'tcp_reno_ssthresh' to set its
ssthresh value when retransmission timeout expires.
I don't know why Westwood uses Reno's ssthresh function.

In my opinion,
1) '.ssthresh' interface should be changed from 'tcp_reno_ssthresh' to
Then, '.min_cwnd' interface can be removed.
2) In 'tcp_westwood_event()' function,
 2.1) The case of 'CA_EVENT_COMPLETE_CWR' can be removed. (corresponding
codes are already executed)
 2.2) In the case of 'CA_EVENT_FRTO', 'tp->snd_ssthresh =
tcp_westwood_bw_rttmin(sk);' can be removed because '.ssthresh' interface is
called before tcp_ca_event(sk, CA_EVENT_FRTO) is called.

Jaehyun Hwang

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