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I am trying to understand the relationship of the netdevice ioctl() commands and raw packet sockets.

Does "Promiscuous" do anything when reading from a raw packet socket? When I monitor for unique MAC addresses, I do not see any difference.

Does "Multicast" do anything when reading from a raw packet socket?

If I have not joined a multicast group, why am I getting the packets?

My original understanding was that the network traffic received by a NIC would be filtered at the link level based on a source/Dest MAC match and any registered link layer multicast address. UNLESS, the interface is put into promiscuous mode. This is obviously not the case.

The goal:
I have a video player on a network which has many multicast streams. The video player needs to monitor the network traffic for multicast packets with custom MAC destinations BUT I do not want to see all network multicast traffic due to CPU load considerations.

If raw packets are not filtered at the link level, how can this be done?

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