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Re: How to build dosemu?

On 25/10/10 01:44, Adam Johns wrote:
I'm a longtime but relatively light user of dosemu with a simple
question.  What's the easiest way to set up a current linux distribution
to compile dosemu?

I've struggle to make it compile on Ubuntu (which I like) for years, but
haven't had any success with the last couple versions. If anyone can
either tell me how to compile on ubuntu 10.10, or what distro to switch
to (and what I'd need to install on that distroy) I'll be very grateful.

If anyone is curious about why I want to build it myself - I use dosemu
mainly in order to run wordperfect 6.2 for dos, and have written a few
lines of custom code to add additional text modes appropriate for modern
monitors. My customizations, although only involving a few lines of
code, are important to me.

There is a quick way, and the proper Ubuntu way to do this. Quick way is you run the following commands:

cd Documents/software/
sudo apt-get build-dep dosemu
apt-get source dosemu
cd dosemu-1.4.0+svn.1999/

Assuming, of course, that you wish to build in the (existing) directory ~Documents/software/ and the version you download is the same version (1.4.0 + 1999) that I just tried.

Note you should NOT use sudo on the 'apt-get source' command as you don't want the source files owned by root! Also note that 'make install' might not work, and for why we get on to...

The proper way is to use the Debian build environment, which is covered here:


So far I have not got as far as doing the lot, but you should do if you want to develop anything seriously.


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