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Re: piping escape into dosemu

Thanks all for your effort to help me!  I accidentally didn't reply to
the list, so here it is again:

2010/3/11 Alain Mouette <alainm@xxxxxxxxx>:
> To make sure that it works allways the same, use explicit external:
> $ /bin/echo -ne "\033" | od -x
> 0000000 001b
> 0000001

It does.

So back to my original problem:  I want to achieve the same effect
that I can with

  dosemu -input 'thedosapp.exe\r\^['

The actual byte sequence that sh passes to dosemu as argument after -input is

  74 68 65 64 6f 73 61 70 70 2e 65 78 65 5c 72 5c 1b

I can get the exact same byte sequence with

  /bin/echo -n 'thedosapp.exe\r\['

For the keystroke command that's piped I need a newline at the end, so
I omit -n and use

  /bin/echo 'keystroke thedosapp.exe\r\^[' > dospipe

Everything gets through except for the ESC.  I guess this is the end
of the song.

Alain suggested later:

2010/3/11 Alain Mouette <alainm@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Have you tried using 2 ESCs ? maybe you get one at the other ent... this
> happens so many linux programas...

Unfortunately still no success.  I suspect the string that's piped is
parsed somewhat differently from the string that's passed on the
command line, and this can only be fixed in the source code.

Thomas Weber
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