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Re: Remote control of Dosemu

> I have no need to do ssh.

You don't need to, but have you something against it?

Ok, it is TUI, but is it to run unatended?

I have 2 programs that can help:

1) a program to insert up to 15 keys in the keyboar buffer, is this enough? There was a program that could do more, but never found it again.

2) a program that reads from the screen at any position, but it runs after another program has exited.

Could this help?


John Coppens escreveu:
On Fri, 18 Jul 2008 14:21:55 -0300
"Alain M." <alainm@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

BUT, you did not say if your application is command line, TUI or

Hella Alain.

The program is TUI - direct video access, so, I don't know if any dumb
mode would be possible. From a few disassembly intents, I suspect it was
written in Turbo Pascal o C.

I have no need to do ssh. The program must be run every hour, a number
of commands typed in, and a value, shown on the screen, must be captured.

I've also tried to write a TSR at some point, and with some success, and
maybe I should continue on that path, as I can then probably look
directly at the memory where the result appears.

But, if possible, I'd rather find a more elegant way...


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