Re: [crossdev] [PATCH] Make docbook2man optional

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On Tuesday, March 01, 2011 02:20:19 Thomas Petazzoni wrote:
> This workaround sounds a lot uglier than the patch I propose, which
> cleanly makes docbook2man non-essential.

not really.  looking at the patch again:
+MANPAGES  = $(MAN5) $(MAN8)
+dist_man_MANS = $(MANPAGES)

the man pages wont even be installed now unless docbook is installed.  that's 
even worse than the issue i raised earlier.

> Would you accept a patch that adds a --enable-doc/--disable-doc option.
> --enable-doc is the default value, and errors out at the ./configure
> step if docbook2man is not available. --disable-doc would not require
> docbook2man and would not generate the documentation.
> This way, the release process is unchanged: the one that
> runs ./configure by default is required to have docbook2man, but all
> those embedded Linux build systems can pass --disable-doc if they don't
> care about the documentation.

you're basically trying to hack around a broken release process.  i think it 
makes more sense to fix the release process and then your patch isnt 

your proposal here is better than the original one (and ultimately, i'm not 
the m-i-t upstream maintainer), but you still need to address the new bug i 
raised above.

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