Re: [PULL] fixes (inc. softdep) & try to to remove unused modules first

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Hi Alan,

Thanks for your patches. As I mentioned below, I'm pulling everything
but the rename removal (for reasons explained). There is a pre2 version
of 3.12 in git and I made tarballs last week, but I am waiting until
pre3 this week before I make an announcement. Then the final 3.12 should
just be exactly the same if nothing horrible comes up in testing.

On Wed, 2010-03-17 at 10:27 +0000, Alan Jenkins wrote:

> Alan Jenkins (8):
> (fixes)
>       doc: fix typo
>       doc: fix sgml errors
>       modprobe: fix dump_config
>       modprobe: fix softdep flags

Thanks, these are great. I guess a markup validator would be handy. Are
you building the SGML with different flags, tools, or did I miss it?

On the softdep front, I think it's also worth fixing the ignore flags to
actually offer a choice of ignoring install *or* remove but not both.
The current implementation doesn't do what might be apparent.

> (feature removal - this started to bitrot recently)
>       modprobe: remove support for renaming modules

On that subject, I want to kill off the install/remove commands
eventually. I shoved a note in the docs to that effect, and I'll make a
Feature Removal file in the source so we can flag these up.

However. I believe the original raison d'etre for renaming support was
actually for kernel hackers who wanted to be able to load several
versions of a module in development (for example, built without removal,
can't remove due to a bug, whatever). I know it's ugly, but I would like
to keep it around. It doesn't matter too much for right now that softdep
doesn't do renaming (given this use case mentioned), but I will think
about this some more and possibly add it to the removal notes. I don't
plan to pull this in yet unless there's something else I missed.

> (cleanups, new feature)
>       modprobe: remove some redundant softdep code


>       modprobe: --dump-modversions takes one filename only

yea, only really used for one module anyway. And mostly in the distros
doing kABI stuff. I frequently ask folks to provide modversion info by
using this option, but never for more than one module anyway.

>       modprobe: pull underscores() out of do_modprobe()


>       modprobe: try to remove unused modules first

Nice. Thank you so much for doing that already.


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