Re: [PATCH] modprobe: add --resolve-alias option

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Alan Jenkins schrieb:
On Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 1:27 PM, Thomas Bächler<thomas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Should I recreate the patch with the above changes, or are you going to
reject it anyway?

Best regards

Only Jon could reject it.  The revised patch is simple enough that
I've no reason to object.  (Although you ignored my comment on the


Your project is mainly a UI to maintain a blacklist file under
/etc/modprobe.d/, is that right?  So you want "modprobe
--resolve-aliases" to find the available drivers for each device,
according to its "modalias" value.

No, a blacklist is maintained independently of modprobe (composed of a system configuration file and a disablemodules= kernel commandline option) and a script called decides whether it wants to call modprobe or not.

Once you've blacklisted a driver, it wouldn't show up with a simple
"modprobe --resolve-aliases"... so I guess you use "-C /dev/null" as

Hmm, hadn't thought about that, the current home-made "resolve-modalias" tool only parses modules.alias and doesn't respect modprobe's own blacklist. It doesn't exactly matter anyway, the most important task is to get a usable --resolve-modalias option to modprobe to replace the crappy home-made tool.

I'm an "edit the text files" guy myself, but it does sound pretty useful.

It is - when you boot a broken kernel and your (hypothetically) sound driver breaks and panics, all that is necessary is a "disablemodules=snd" on the kernel command line and no sound drivers will be loaded. There's tons of other examples ...

> Wait... one last comment, switching to printf() should mean you don't
> need to set "verbose" here.  That's why I suggested printf(); I didn't
> see the point setting "verbose", just so the info() call would show up
> - when the info() call is conditional on --resolve-aliases.

Yes, overlooked that too, guess I will resend the patch again later. How do I get git send-email to do this fancy "[PATCHv3]" subject instead of "[PATCH]" again?

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