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On Sun, 2009-06-28 at 23:49 -0400, Jon Masters wrote:
> Next on the agenda I think is figuring out a TODO. Where do we want to
> be in a year from now in terms of features, library-linking with udev,
> or whatever else - anyone got anything in their pipeline coming up?

Here's my TODO-list and what I'd like to see done for modprobe, items in
no particular order:

* Ensure anything allocated gets properly freed.

* Replace fatal() with error() everywhere, except perhaps when OOM, and
restructure the error handling to match, so that modprobe can clean up
before exiting. This and the previous fix will have eliminated the need
for fork(), obviously.

* Separate config file parsing and lookup allowing different commands to
be handled independently.

* Put modprobe in a shared library for udevd to call. 

* Implement softdep. 

And a loose idea:

* Deprecate and eventually remove modules.dep (i.e the text file)
handling from modprobe. Rationale: Why have two ways to do the same
thing? Is there a need to edit the dependencies directly? And
add_modules_dep_line(), modname_equal() and read_depends() could be
ripped out.


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