Re: [GIT PULL request] ELF rewrite part 2

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On Mon, 2009-05-11 at 09:22 +0100, Alan Jenkins wrote:
> Andreas Robinson wrote:
> >
> > That the strings are malloc'd elsewhere should not be a problem if the
> > caller is aware that the strings are in the ELF-file and that they
> > remain available until release_file() is called. Depmod can't release
> > any of the modules until it is finished.
> >   
> Withdrawn.
> Sorry, I'm too quick to jump to conclusions :-(.  I thought the symbol 
> names were being copied onto the heap, but they're clearly not.  I'm not 
> worried about string constants per se.  I was mistakenly concerned that 
> one data structure was being used to return strings with very different 
> lifecycle rules.
> It's an important issue, so you might make this more explicit. One way 
> would be to add an inline strtbl_free() (which collapses to free()).  
> But you are also welcome to dismiss me as a hopeless reader and leave it 
> as is:-). 

No you are not a hopeless reader. :) And I appreciate the feedback. I do
need to explain myself better. I never come up with a good solution on
the first attempt and usually need a few hours (or days) to figure out
the little details that make a particular design choice "obvious", even
though it's anything but.

> > Oh, and could you please send me  add --valgrind patch please?
> >
> > I wasn't subscribed to this list when you posted it and the archive has
> > mangled it somehow. (Or PEBKAC, more likely.)
> >   
> Oh, sorry!  I assumed it had already been applied.  I'll resend it and 
> see if it wakes Jon up.  It might have been my fault for forgetting to 
> put [PATCH] in the subject line.
> Btw, I'm being serious when I talk about it being slow.  "valgrind 
> ./depmod" should be enough to reproduce this one issue, so do that first 
> :-).

Ok, I will. :) A plain "time depmod" runs about 25 times faster than
"time valgrind depmod". The full test suite would then be about 10 - 12
minutes on my machine ...


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