Re: [GIT PULL request] ELF rewrite part 2

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Update: I recompiled and got Valgrind working.
Your "runtests --valgrind" patch ... not yet.

sudo valgrind build/depmod
returns errors like this one, not the one you see:

==19659== Invalid read of size 4
==19659==    at 0x401BBE: output_symbols (depmod.c:755)
==19659==    by 0x4041ED: main (depmod.c:1364)
==19659==  Address 0x53616ac is 284 bytes inside a block of size 287
==19659==    at 0x4C2794E: malloc (vg_replace_malloc.c:207)
==19659==    by 0x403186: grab_module (depmod.c:269)
==19659==    by 0x403529: do_module (depmod.c:539)
==19659==    by 0x4034BB: grab_dir (depmod.c:581)
==19659==    by 0x403459: grab_dir (depmod.c:594)
==19659==    by 0x403459: grab_dir (depmod.c:594)
==19659==    by 0x403459: grab_dir (depmod.c:594)
==19659==    by 0x404414: main (depmod.c:616)

It seems related to the new structs fields (module_tables and elf_file)
in struct module. Is sizeof() returning the wrong size?!

Anyway, I'll keep looking.

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