Re: [PATCH v3 13/28] slub: create duplicate cache

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On 05/29/2012 09:25 PM, Christoph Lameter wrote:
I will try to at least have the page accounting done in a consistent way. How
>  about that?
Ok. What do you mean by "consistent"? Since objects and pages can be used
in a shared way and since accounting in many areas of the kernel is
intentional fuzzy to avoid performance issues there is not that much of a
requirement for accuracy. We have problems even just defining what the
exact set of pages belonging to a task/process is.

I mean consistent between allocators, done in a shared place.
Note that what we do here *is* still fuzzy to some degree. We can have a level of sharing, and always account to the first one to touch, we don't go worrying about this because that would be hell. We also don't carry a process' objects around when we send it to a different cgroup. Those are all already simplications for performance and simplicity sake.

But we really need a page to be filled with objects from the same cgroup, and the non-shared objects to be accounted to the right place.

Otherwise, I don't think we can meet even the lighter of isolation guarantees.

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