Re: [patch 0/5] refault distance-based file cache sizing

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On 2012年05月17日 21:11, Rik van Riel wrote:
On 05/16/2012 01:25 AM, nai.xia wrote:
Hi Johannes,

Just out of curiosity(since I didn't study deep into the
reclaiming algorithms), I can recall from here that around 2005,
there was an(or some?) implementation of the "Clock-pro" algorithm
which also have the idea of "reuse distance", but it seems that algo
did not work well enough to get merged?

The main issue with clock-pro was scalability.

Johannes has managed to take the good parts of clock-pro,
and add it on top of our split lru VM, which lets us keep
the scalability, while still being able to deal with file
faults from beyond the inactive list.

Hmm, I see. Thanks for the reply.

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