Re: [PATCHv2 00/16] [FS, MM, block, MMC]: eMMC High Priority Interrupt Feature

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Dear Kim,

I have a query here ..

My point is that it would be better for read to not preempt write-for-page_reclaim.
And we can identify it by PG_reclaim. You can get the idea.

I think If there is no page available then no read will proceed.
When read request comes it reclaim the pages (starts the write if syncable pages ) and get back after reclaiming the pages.
Only then a read request will come to the MMC subsystem.
And i think the reclaim algorithm will reclaim some substantial amount of pages at a time instead of a single page.
So if we get few pages during the reclamation so there will be no problem in halting the another write ops for proceeding the reads ?

Can we think of a scenario when we are reclaiming the pages and write ops is going on where as a high priority read for the interrupt handler is pending ?

Please correct me if i am wrong.

Thanks & Regards

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