Re: [PATCH 6/6] zsmalloc: make zsmalloc portable

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On 04/26/2012 12:07 AM, Minchan Kim wrote:

> Quick patch - totally untested.
> We can implement new TLB flush function 
> "local_flush_tlb_kernel_range" If architecture is very smart, it 
> could flush only tlb entries related to vaddr. If architecture is 
> smart, it could flush only tlb entries related to a CPU. If 
> architecture is _NOT_ smart, it could flush all entries of all CPUs.
> Now there are few architectures have "local_flush_tlb_kernel_range". 
> MIPS, sh, unicore32, arm, score and x86 by this patch. So I think 
> it's good candidate other arch should implement. Until that, we can 
> add stub for other architectures which calls only [global/local] TLB
>  flush. We can expect maintainer could respond then they can 
> implement best efficient method. If the maintainer doesn't have any 
> interest, zsmalloc could be very slow in that arch and users will 
> blame that architecture.
> Any thoughts?

I had this same idea a while back.

It is encouraging to know that someone else independently thought of
this solution too :)  Makes me think it is a good solution.

Let me build and test on x86, make sure there are no unforseen consequences.

Thanks again for your work here!


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