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On Mon, 2 Apr 2012, Luca Porzio (lporzio) wrote:
> Great topics. As per one of Rik original points:
> > 4) skip writeout of zero-filled pages - this can be a big help
> >     for KVM virtual machines running Windows, since Windows zeroes
> >     out free pages;   simply discarding a zero-filled page is not
> >     at all simple in the current VM, where we would have to iterate
> >     over all the ptes to free the swap entry before being able to
> >     free the swap cache page (I am not sure how that locking would
> >     even work)
> > 
> >     with the extra layer of indirection, the locking for this scheme
> >     can be trivial - either the faulting process gets the old page,
> >     or it gets a new one, either way it'll be zero filled
> > 
> Since it's KVMs realm here, can't KSM simply solve the zero-filled pages problem avoiding unnecessary burden for the Swap subsystem?

I would expect that KSM already does largely handle this, yes.
But it's also quite possible that I'm missing Rik's point.


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