Re: [PATCH] mm for fs: add truncate_pagecache_range

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On Fri, 23 Mar 2012, Andrew Morton wrote:
> --- a/mm/truncate.c~mm-for-fs-add-truncate_pagecache_range-fix
> +++ a/mm/truncate.c
> @@ -639,6 +639,9 @@ int vmtruncate_range(struct inode *inode
>   * with on-disk format, and the filesystem would not have to deal with
>   * situations such as writepage being called for a page that has already
>   * had its underlying blocks deallocated.
> + *
> + * Must be called with inode->i_mapping->i_mutex held.

You catch me offguard: I forget whether that's an absolute requirement or
just commonly the case.  What do the other interfaces in truncate.c say ?-)

> + * Takes inode->i_mapping->i_mmap_mutex.

Yes, and inode->i_mapping->tree_lock.

>   */
>  void truncate_pagecache_range(struct inode *inode, loff_t lstart, loff_t lend)
>  {
> yes?



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